G.I. Joe Classified Checkpoint Alpha

With a solid two weeks off work for Christmas, and nothing major planned I needed a project. After spotting the original Checkpoint Alpha in a YouTube video, I took it upon myself to scratch design/build one for the… Read More

A little toy photography

Toy photography is something I quiet enjoy, but very very rarely get time to do it (or my bench is such a mess that I can’t!)

The mighty Commodore 128D

A little while ago I picked up a Commodore 128D – not the most common computer around.However like many out there, it was missing it’s keyboard.But thanks to the FB Group AusVintage, I found one – but some… Read More

Geez; no updates!

Ooops – I havent updated my poor old website in 6 months! I managed to get through the #SepTandy collaboration with Adrian, Shelby, and David and it was a GREAT success.You can find the playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxbeEn-s3xXD8B4ujAjdRTfAbxKLeBPxN I’m… Read More