My Holiday Toy Haul

After starting this channel, I promptly went on holidays in Europe for 6 weeks.
But the holiday was put to good use, collecting up Action Man in his home country.

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Raspberry64 – An in depth look

Following on from my previous video, I hope to answer some questions I was asked and cover some of the issues I faced.

Original Video:

HDMI and MicroUSB header cables from:
Pimoroni On/Off Shim:…
Keyrah V2:

Tandy Electronic TV Scoreboard

The Tandy Electronic TV Scoreboard dates from 1976. This is gaming from over 40 years ago. Take that into account and its pretty impressive.


It’s a Commodore 64 Jim, but not as we know it!

I built a Raspberry Pi inside an old (dead) Commodore 64 Case and keyboard.

Keyrah V2:
Pimoroni On/Off Shim:…
The blog that got me started:…