GoBot/Machine Men restorations

I’ve been working on a few GoBot/Machine Men resto’s of late.

Dive-Dive, Super Leader-1, and Zeemon.

Dive-Dive was a thorough clean and new stickers, Leader-1 was a complete strip, new paint, and stickers, and finally Zeemon was a clean, touch up the chrome, and new stickers.

Stickers for Dive-Dive and Zeemon can be found on the DIY page. Stickers for Leader-1 are coming, but I still need to find a pair of his vertical tail fins to make the stickers for them and complete the sticker sheet.

Exidy Sorcerer Pics

I got asked to post up some better photos of some of the add-in boards for the Exidy Sorcerer I’m working on.

Here is the SCUA 80CC board,the Disk Drive Controller, and the wiring for the memory upgrade.
The Disk Controller hasn’t been cleaned yet 🙂

A little photography

Finally found some time to do a little toy photography.

Amiga A600 Rebuild + Fixes

My much loved Amiga A600 died on me recently. But with a spares machine in hand – we can rebuild it! (And fix a few thing along the way) STL Files for the 3D printed parts can be found on my Thingiverse page: https://www.thingiverse.com/MrLurch/