Amiga A600 Rebuild + Fixes

My much loved Amiga A600 died on me recently. But with a spares machine in hand – we can rebuild it! (And fix a few thing along the way) STL Files for the 3D printed parts can be… Read More

*Tiny* little handheld consoles – How To

I like making props and accessories for my action figures. I also like retro gaming. So why not mix the two? My Thingiverse Page:…

Quick Look: The original GPD XD

Today I take a quick look that the GPD XD Mk1 and see how it still handles emulation and overall performance.

Micro Genius IQ-1000 (Famiclone) Resto Pt2

We now get to finish off the Micro Genius IQ-1000 Famiclone, and take for a bit of a run. Including a classic Nintendo game I haven’t played since I was a kid! This two-part is a little different… Read More