Micro Genius IQ-1000 (Famiclone) Resto Pt1

I have a bit of a thing for oddities. And older Famiclones fit that bill for me. So here is a Micro Genius IQ-1000 from the early 90’s. It’s in pretty poor shape – but we can fix… Read More

Macintosh Plus Repair and Resto

The Macintosh Plus was the first successful machine in the Macintosh line. Here was have one with some issues and looking kinda poor. Join me while I breathe some new life into this important machine.

The RetroClassicFlashbackMini collection

The range of tiny, HDMI-enabled first-party consoles available now is growing. But what are they like for someone who isn’t going to scrutinise every-single pixel and just wants to have some fun?

Quick Look: Apple II Clone

Back in the early 80’s, manufacturers were producing legal (and not so legal) clones of the venerable Apple II. Here is one such example. Thanks to Jason Crowe from the Australian Vintage Computer Group on FB for finding… Read More